January 27 2020 new moon astrology

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The main focus of our astrology calendars is on the Moon; "La Luna. The daily activities guide is a useful tool for planning through the month. All information is based on Tropical aka Western Astrology. The Moon's transit is not the only important information. We also provide dates concerning planetary ingress, retrograde motion, overall planetary influence charts, and older calendars so that you can always look back in time.

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Many individuals are curious about declination information. Follow the links on the declination page to read more about the purpose of declination charts. Featured Moon Calendar - Adjusting Monthly Moon Phase This 20 year calendar is great for anglers, hunters and gardeners who need to look back in time and in to the future to find the phase of the moon on any given day. Thank you for your patience as we transition to the SSL pages. The Time Zones link has been added to the menu under Etcetera in the left hand column. I'm Sorry!


January 27th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

J McCaul, January 1, I know you are upset about the changes. The rewrites are complete, and some of you are upset with the new layouts. Every once in a while, you encounter somebody who tends to confuse being argumentative with expressing their views. Focus on learning as much as you can about their ideas, then quietly busy yourself elsewhere. Sometimes discussions lead to comparing challenges, and even competing to see whose is worst.

January Astrology Predictions – Part One | Jessica Adams

You can change this habit, and right now. However, with several once-promising arrangements coming undone, these conversations could easily turn into sessions that are about finding somebody to blame. If so, absent yourself, and as swiftly as possible. Yet recently, certain individuals who have seemed close have spoken or behaved in a way that suggests their feelings towards you have changed. Take it slowly. These conversations will be tricky yet, ultimately, hugely rewarding.

This enables you to extract yourself from burdensome arrangements without added dramas. Every New Moon is about a fresh perspective. However, certain individuals favour a rigid approach, one that would be as dull as it would be restrictive. Instead, back off. Tempting as it is to mention this, it could make one particular individual uncomfortable. The fact is, this is far more complicated than you realise.

The fact is, many people tiptoe around the facts most of the time, simply because they fear being honest could upset somebody. The truth is always preferable, even if it does cause upset.

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In some cases, this may seem a compromise, at least at the moment. Rather, saying nothing seemed easier. At the time, it was. Make no apologies. Simply get involved. Be open but, also, ask questions. However, in one particular situation, things are becoming more urgent by the day, while you remain short of facts. The only solution is to, indeed, make flexible arrangements. Few things are more exciting than a completely unexpected offer. That confusion makes you wonder if you should sidestep it all. This is about venturing into new territory.

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But things have changed. Nobody plans more carefully than you. Still, be wary what you say or promise.

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With things moving so swiftly, seemingly simple arrangements could suddenly become complicated or, equally, certain difficult individuals could get involved, and slow the pace. The line between catching up on the latest, that is, learning about what others are up to, and simple gossip is never clear.

Begin now with minor tweaks. Often, in fact, exciting ideas emerge from discussing exactly such issues.

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