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I got the offer in April last week and joined on 30th April. Thank you so much again. I was also wondering if you can look at my kundli in detail. Kindly let me know your consultation fees. It will be really helpful if you can.

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The first half of your prediction wasd right on the money. I am going through horrible time. I wish nobody else would go through such times. I am just hopeing that things get better looking forward. Hi Sujit, your prediction regarding improvement in her career prospects was spot on! Being an MBA from a reputed Mumbai college, she was earlier getting paid less than 10K, which was too bad. She was therefore demotivated even wrt marriage.

Exactly as per your comments, her career prospects improved in June!!!!!! She found a job in June 2nd week and has joined the same during last week of June her salary has now almost tripled and she is happy about it. Thank you very much and congratulations for such a spot on prediction!!! In your earlier prediction, you have mentioned that good period for her is from 6.

We have already begun our efforts in finding a mate for her. But you forsee a breach in marriage? Also if we are not able to find her a groom within that period, when is the next suitable period? AFA I understand, now is 7th Guru period for Vrishchik rasi, and 7th guru is said to bring about marrige. I totally agree with you when it comes to her nature - she IS stubborn. She is very fair and refuses to even meet people with wheatish or slightly savla complexion. She expects her husband to be tall 5'8 and above etc , well settled and within Mumbai.

She herself is 5'4'' and according to us, she shouldnt be adamant on such appearance related issues. You were absolutely right and on Saturday I'd lost my job I'd submitted resignation and Management has immediately accepted it. Now what should I do Should I opt for my own practice or search for some other job I'm also planning for coaching center For an update, as predicted by you, I was able to bag a part-time contract work in March end and had been working on the same for the past 3 months. However, the contract ended on 30 June.

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Nothing permanent in sight at present. Any advice?

Best Wishes, Ashwani Kapoor. I wanted to thank you, your predictions were very very accurate. I would rather say that it was more exact. Your knowledge is commendable. My husband got the Job on 25th March.. I would like to inform you that I got the job in March as you predicted. Thank you so much for your prediction and I got more confidence in something to ask. Hello Mr. Sujit, Thank you Mr.

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Sujit for the below answer. As told by you my husband finally got this job and he got the joining date for feb. Due to work visa getting late he joined on 22nd March. Appreciate a lot your below timely reply at that stressful time. But I am feeling bad that I am replying so late and I am really sorry for this. Once again, thanks a lot and may god bless you. Regards, Mamta Pareek I have a good news to share with you. You correctly predicted and I got my visa back.

Please tell me some remedy to get a job. I do not want to quit and return to India after so much of struggle. I hope you too are doing great in your life. May God bless you always.

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Just want to inform you that I got married recently with V.. I have told him to perform remedies for rahu and ketu.


Thank you very much for your email. I have finally been offered a position in a Bank and I will be joining from 19th of March. So once again thank you very much for your prediction which has supported, energized and have given me a chance to live a life again. Respected Sujitji,. I have no words to thank you for your quick, accurate and confident predictions which gave me the confidence to talk to my husband.

I hope everything will happen smoothly, and I will get a job also after going there. I will keep you informed before I will go back Wish you a very Happy Holi! I was just about to write to you on the forum that I noticed this email. I have been very busy since last month, but the great news I got a job just last week!!

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Thankyou so much Sir, I used to believe in astrology and now the faith has just increased! I was trying for job since months but as you had predicted the actual offers started in January and I got the job confirmation in last week. Its exactly as you had predicted- that I would get job in Jan-Feb Really it is such a pleasure to give this news as I was trying really hard for it and needed it also. I respect you and your knowledge a lot. Will stay in touch with you in future as well through your web-site. Dear Sujit, Your predictions about my future are absolutely right.

As you said, the stress in my job is less from 10th Feb onwards Thanks Binoy. Hi Sujit, Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know that you were absolutely right about the stress period you said, i would face from November- February. I did get a job in October but i have recently quit in January. I was working in film making.

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Can you please tell me why I am just not getting the right job? Am i searching in fields which are astrologically not meant for me? Thanks and regards, Shreya. Dear sujitji, once I asked about my husband New job in Vedic group and your predictions came true. He got new job and he is moving to different location.

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