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Suggestions for handling difficult inharmonious combinations are also offered. A detailed analysis of a horoscope comparison between Jackie and J. Kennedy rounds off the discussion and shows the principles laid out in the book in action. Cafe Astrology Notes: Excellent descriptions of the planets in the signs, written from a relationship point of view.

Gives tips on how to better understand your loved one. This is not a synastry manual. Rather, it explores the individual love potential and needs, as read through the natal chart.

Readers will come away with a more clear and deeper understanding of synastry. A personal report is generated based on this data. Users can enter data for their own relationships as well as any others they may be interested in. Although they can find the paragraphs that pertain to their situation in the book, the personal computer report is a wonderful touch that will be appreciated by those who are new to Astrology studies. The book begins with an exploration of basic Astrology principles, including interpretations of the planets, signs, houses, and aspects.

Each person involved in a relationship should be considered in this way, before embarking on Synastry methods found in the final section of the book, Part Three. Part Three is dedicated to chart comparison inter-aspects and house overlays. Finally, an example relationship is delineated: that of Bill and Hillary Clinton. This example is not only an interesting read, it helps readers understand how to put everything together.

The author shares her knowledge, culled from years of experience and research, with regards to indicators of relationship success.

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Besides pages of traditional text, this book offers a CD-ROM that calculates astrological positions for your birth data, along with that of your significant other. The book lists and discusses fifteen synastry aspects that are said to be significant indicators of success in romantic relationships.

Other chapters explore the Moon in synastry, Mercury exchanges, extra combinations that help a relationship, karmic relationship connections, the part of marriage, especially challenging synastric aspects, and more. Very easy to use and handy. Although online ephemerides are available, this hardcopy version truly simplifies the process of looking into the future.

Cafe Astrology Note: This is the classic Sun Sign manual written in a warm style that makes you appreciate each and every idiosyncrasy of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Descriptions for each sign in general terms, plus for the female, male, business person, and child. Excellent and fun read for learning the basic meanings of the signs. The writing style is quirky, rich in imagery, and will certainly make you smile.

Because the book is so readable and enjoyable, this book offers a great way to become acquainted with the personality traits associated with each zodiac sign. Cafe Astrology Review: The title of this book is a mite ambitious. In fact, it almost invites criticism right off the top. Each Sun Sign is delineated in a general sense, and then in terms of love and relationship.

Sun Sign compatibility is also explored that is, how an Aries relates to a Taurus, and so forth. The author breaks down the signs into decanates before moving onto an exploration of the Moon signs, Ascendants, and the positions of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto by sign.

Vedic Chart Aspects

Interpretations of the placement of the planets in the natal chart by house are given. The rather basic descriptions of the planetary aspects are somewhat disappointing — we find them to be oversimplified. Synastry, the study of relationships, is touched upon, and a lot of attention is given to Astrology in history and legend.

Cafe Astrology Note: Each day of the year is analyzed and assigned a personality sketch. About the Author Gary Goldschneider is an astrologer and coauthor of each of the books in the Secret Language series. Joost Ellfers is a book packager specializing in highly illustrated books. It is a must have for every library and anyone even remotely interested in the dynamics of personality. Find more information about this book. Our dealings with the company have been nothing short of excellent. Although we earn a small commission for purchases made from links on our site, our reviews are independent and unbiased.

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Cafe Astrology. Our Rating: A Amazon.

Predictive Astrology by Christine Shaw Cafe Astrology Recommends: This book is both enlightening and practical — written in clear language — and is entirely devoted to interpreting secondary progressions. Excellent work that focuses on self-development through Solar Return analysis.

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Blaschke Cafe Astrology Review: This relatively new book is perhaps the most extensive and organized book on Relationship Astrology. Michelsen Very easy to use and handy. Cafe Astrology Home.

Share this Article Like this article? Email it to a friend! General Natal Chart Interpretation. Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain by Kim Rogers-Gallagher Cafe Astrology Note: This astrology primer is not to be taken lightly, although readers will absorb its information happily and easily. Greene remains Astrodienst's most popular author. Greene continues directing the organisation. In addition, she also directs CPA Press, a publishing company that focuses on specialist astrological works. Greene has been one of the most consistently popular astrologers of the 20th century.

Greene became quickly famous with the publication, by Weiser , of Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil, in , in which she applied Jungian psychology to revise the image of Saturn as a planet of misfortune, recasting it in a more Jungian image that has continued to be very popular into the 21st century. Greene wrote a historical novel in , The Dreamer of the Vine , dealing with the themes of Nostradamus and Jesus bloodline.

Many are transcripts of her lectures, and many are co-authored, especially with Howard Sasportas. In addition to giving frequent lectures and directing a certificate programme in psychological astrology , Greene has continued to produce many books, all of which are now published by her own company, the CPA Press. Both, in their rather different ways, arose in response to the cry of a despairing people seeking redemption. Yet it seems that such a question invokes resentment among those who believe that their political correctness or more evolved spirituality will always automatically apprehend the difference—not only between a false messiah and a true one, but also between the loving and the destroying sides of themselves.

I have heard the sentiment expressed by many astrologers, healers, and clergy that spirituality is a thing apart, beyond the domain of psychology, and that it should not be probed or denigrated by the crude tools of psychological insight. Nor are the ideologically inclined exempt from the absolute conviction that their motives are above psychologising because they think only of the welfare of society. But anything which human beings experience belongs to the realm of the psyche and is therefore psychological; for it is the individual body, mind, heart, and soul which perceive and interpret whatever we choose to call reality.

All experience is subjective, because it is an individual human being who experiences it. And if our political and spiritual convictions are too precious to permit honesty about our own extremely human motives, then what is left to stand between us and the wanton physical and psychic destruction of lovers, parents, children, spouses, friends, and even nations in the name of redemption?

Astrology has a planetary symbol to describe all human urges, and the longing for redemption is as human as the rest. In astrological language, it is called Neptune, named after the Roman god of the watery depths.

liz greene the astrological neptune pdf Liz greene the astrological neptune pdf
liz greene the astrological neptune pdf Liz greene the astrological neptune pdf
liz greene the astrological neptune pdf Liz greene the astrological neptune pdf
liz greene the astrological neptune pdf Liz greene the astrological neptune pdf
liz greene the astrological neptune pdf Liz greene the astrological neptune pdf
liz greene the astrological neptune pdf Liz greene the astrological neptune pdf
liz greene the astrological neptune pdf Liz greene the astrological neptune pdf
liz greene the astrological neptune pdf Liz greene the astrological neptune pdf
Liz greene the astrological neptune pdf

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