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January 11, January 9, First, it posits that the music of Detroit, ca. William Forsythe's "Choreographic Objects". There were no hesitations, no missteps; no point at which one limb converged onto another, when one cut of cloth got caught up in another. Gagosian Le Bourget, Paris. Flowers fade at different rates. In the November chill of a Glasgow art gallery, cut flowers—carefully arranged in a vase on the floor, their silhouette cast against the wall by the light from a projector—are taking their time to die, or to appear dead.

When exactly do cut flowers die? Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow. Nils Staerk is the latest commercial gallery to spring up amidst the coffee shops and organic wine bars in Nordvest, a district of Copenhagen that the local media are more likely to associate with violent crime and unemployment. A further reminder of the uncomfortable coexistence of two worlds stands directly Nils Staerk, Copenhagen. December 13, In his three-volume book Principles of Geology , Charles Lyell pioneered a theory whose clunky title belies its elegance.

Seventeen Gallery, London. Art Basel Miami Beach. Remember to React. Jenny Holzer is trying to tell us something. Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami. December 8, Gallery Weekend Mexico City was originally scheduled to open September 21, by which time everyone who could was out in the streets clearing rubble and handing out food and water. November 9—12, For some people, economy is mostly about money. But that is stupid: economy is actually about something else. Money is just the medium conventionally assigned to all tasks understood as economic. In the end, money is just a medium.

For all those who firmly believe that the medium is the Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin. Not having a story to tell from the beginning or possibly starting from the middle is how Taoism describes time: continuity without a starting point.

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Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris. December 1, Dublin Gallery Weekend.

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Dublin is a dirty and disjointed city, a tangle of loosely connected neighborhoods best navigated on foot. On arrival my smartphone gave up the ghost, transforming the schedule of Dublin Gallery Weekend—a semi-coordinated program of exhibition openings, performances, and events—into a Situationist strategy.

Deprived of online mapping services, I was November 23—26, November 30, November 27, He dispensed the recipe for urban achievement: find and Various locations, Los Angeles.

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November 22, As evening fell, the Blade Runner -esque streets around Nanzuka Gallery began to seethe with a human froth of staggering zombies, gibbering corpses, and wounded cosplay nurses. Despite their macabre costumes, the crowds Nanzuka Gallery, Tokyo. Jiwa is a pre-Islamic, polytheistic, and specifically Indonesian concept that signifies a way of living in which thinking and feeling go hand-in-hand, and of living in harmony with nature and with one another.


November 10, An exhibition vitrine in a contemporary exhibition is a knowing nod to long traditions of display. If your first associations with Colombia are cocaine, paramilitary violence, and the rapacious plunder of natural resources by neo-colonialist corporations, then you are only half right, according to this spirited, unkempt, and organizationally flawed exhibition of Colombian artists at The Box, Los Angeles.

The Box, Los Angeles.

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  6. November 3, The medieval wardrobe of a sadomasochist, the secret torture chamber gear of a conflicted superhero, grim relics of gods from the deepest abysses of a broken dimension, or, as they truly are, artworks, sparsely hung, dangling from ropes, splayed like bodies, and rippled into curtains of parachute silk, with one Hannah Hoffman Gallery, Los Angeles. Hollybush Gardens, London.

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    Scorpio decan 2 conforms most off all to the typical mysterious and secretive Scorpio, but it also has a surprisingly playful side too. You will see that the fixed stars that fall here totally support this. But typically for our Scorpio, there is even more intrigue below the surface. If Scorpio decan 2 was a game it would be chess, strategic and thoughtful or maybe a murder-mystery like Cluedo.

    Having the scales of Libra here gives us more juice to work with. These scales can be measurers used for commerce or the Egyptian balances for weighing the souls of the dead. Equilibrium here is about finding that mid-range of emotions where one is calm and cool. Inside, the Scorpio decan 2 may be experiencing a tumultuous emotional storm, but on the outside, nothing, not a flicker, awesome….

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    Scorpio decan 2 have the knack of bring omni-present, it feels like they are constantly watching and judging you, like god. Deep in the recesses of their brain they are making tallies, keeping a scorecard of all the good and bad treatment towards them. They know your real best price and can beat you down to it by very skilled non-verbal communication. The Tarot card associated with this decan is surprisingly quite a light-hearted and affectionate one, the six of cups.

    The imagery in the Rider-Waite card is that of children, a boy offering a gift to a girl. It is an image of childhood memories. This optimistic card is supported by the Sun and Jupiter rulership of this decan. The Sun is the ruler of this face so therefore it is very powerful here and will bring out the most positive manifestations of this secretive and intense Scorpio energy. It is not so lucky if the Sun is placed near the star of loss, Zuben Elgenubi, but even in that case there is the opportunity to learn from ones mistakes and redeem oneself if one is truly sorry for ones misdemeanours.

    Sun Scorpio 2 are the most skilled poker players and they also make the best undercover cops and spies. You not only perceive a great amount, but can also project much verbal and nonverbal information, plus psychic energy. Your incredible creativity and imagination can lead to career in the arts such as painting, dance or theater, as well as healing or other fields of communication, where your ideas can touch and inspire others. Mercury conjunct Neptune transit focuses your thinking and communications on spiritual topics, mysteries, the occult and secrets.

    It would be the ideal time to take up studies in artistic subjects because of your enhanced imagination and creativity. Valuable insights can be gained through meditation, dreaming, and practicing occult fields like astrology and Tarot. You may become involved in some intrigue or secret affair, where it is important to maintain the highest of moral standards to avoid scandal and slander.

    Transiting Mercury conjunct Neptune can also impact on your thinking and communications in a positive or negative way. In its highest manifestation, this transit gives accurate psychic perception at all levels, with unbiased processing of this spiritual information. Ultimately, you can express these insights through compassionate, supportive and selfless words and thought projection. In the negative expression of this transit, thoughts and words are twisted by misconception, irrationality, confusion, fear and paranoia.

    This results in deceit, treachery, lies, poison and all manner of underhand tactics. In I worked on a project where I had some assistants in my team and one of them contacted me a year later on Facebook and started hitting on me. Scorpio january 22 weekly horoscope by marie moore. Videos matching Weekly Horoscope for April 1 - 7, Gregory Scott Astrology Despite their technological nature, they look like temporary plaster walls and give the rooms a stripped appearance.

    Penny Thornton Sagittarius Channa Horwitz produced a large body of works which she derived from mathematical equations and equivalences. Your Money Horoscope to ! What if the person from who you contemplated stealing that bread was also starving? Necessity creates complex moral territory and it does not always bring out the best in people. Life can be very hard. Anyone born with a Capricorn south node knows exactly what I mean by that. This is a tough group of souls.

    Some of them are heroic paragons of moral strength — with scars to prove it. All of them carry another Capricorn mark: a karma of loneliness. There is loneliness that comes from literal isolation, physically or emotionally. Ask the lighthouse keeper. Ask anyone who has endured an empty marriage that lasted for decades. At a simpler level, you might think of the loneliness of the single mother with three children.

    She might never get a moment to herself, but she is lonely anyway. Even though the kids love her, they cannot really understand her. And feeling seen and known is the cure for loneliness. By the way, all of this is particularly intensified, both in terms of the kids born and probably the daily headlines, when the nodes contact Pluto and Saturn, which are also resident in Capricorn throughout this period.

    Where should you travel next, according to your zodiac sign?

    Pluto aligns with the south node on March 28, With Saturn, there are three conjunctions with the south node, all in May 20, June 23, and September Why are these souls returning to Earth? As with all of us, their work is not yet done. How can they go forward? The answer is utterly obvious, based on all that we have just seen. They need a hug. They need a rest. They need some gentleness. They need someone else to share their burdens — or even to carry them for a mile a two. They need a laugh. They need a long, hot bath. They need a drink. They need to eat too much, and give themselves a break about it — remember: some of these souls have had experiences of starvation.

    We humans face dreadful losses sometimes.

    scorpio february 22 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore Scorpio february 22 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore
    scorpio february 22 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore Scorpio february 22 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore
    scorpio february 22 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore Scorpio february 22 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore
    scorpio february 22 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore Scorpio february 22 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore
    scorpio february 22 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore Scorpio february 22 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore
    scorpio february 22 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore Scorpio february 22 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore
    scorpio february 22 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore Scorpio february 22 2020 weekly horoscope by marie moore

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