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Jackson underwent treatment to hide the scars on his scalp, and he also had his third rhinoplasty shortly thereafter. Saturn is the 12L of hospitalization placed in the sign of Scorpio indicating that it will be chronic. Incidentally in Vedic astrology Saturn is the significator of hair and he was running Saturn-Moon-Saturn.

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So eventually this Saturn that gave him the. Asc has Aq ruled by Saturn and Moon in it, the two colors for these planets are blue for Saturn and white for Moon. This aspect of the 3H is something new for Indian Astrologers but it works. This combination fortified the ghost element. It is sitting in the 3H of short walks and travelling and so it is only when he had a short walk with a girl near a crematorium Ghosts-Ketu and when he danced with the ghosts his Karma was Unlocked and the whole world sang Thriller. Pending Karma or Why You are Born Indian Astrology claims to be very karma centric and from 10, years of history of Indian astrology all students will be told at the start of their astro studies that Indian Astrology helps you see your Karma, to help you move ahead in your cycle of re-births to the next level.

But unfortunately one spends years in astrology and cannot find a single reliable technique by which the student can see his pending karma or what is that one or many thing pending in his life for which he is born. This form of fooling the students has continued since generations and by the time one is 10 yrs old in Indian Astrology one stops thinking or asking this most vital question.

Now there are many hidden techniques of finding out what is the Pending Karma in the most ancient form of astrology which is Bhrighu Astrology and only one of them is revealed here for the first time. One should test it on known charts of atleast 20 before venturing further. One must use this as a broad technique as this is not the only technique to find out pending karma, use it intelligently combining other tools and from various ascendants various things will be shown. Also if there is a planet in the 6H then see it is lord of which all houses and what it disposits, see the planets basic significations.

At the same time Venus is womenfolk and some of his female friends were very close to him, whom he helped out financially thus his pending karma was towards them. Venus is also Money and Wealth and whatever sits in the 6H one tends to lose or let go. He let go of a lot of money for charities and eventually he got into further debts since 6H is the house of debts. Coming back Venus disposits the 9H where Jupiter children and North Node Rahu-Scandals , his Karma was pending towards these children where he got into scandal and also other world children whom he loved as it was his Pending Karma.

Now where is his 6L placed, it is right in his 1H of self. These diseases, accidents and facial changes all were his Pending Karma and it had to happen. Now if you read BSP that is revealed in this issue in the Indian section you will notice that the technique of where Venus sits it gives medical expenses and can at times indicate death. Venus is in the 6H of diseases his medical expenses were phenomenal and Venus is in the 4H of medicines and 4th sign of heart.

He died due to drug over-dose and due to final heart failure 4th H and sign Cancer indicates heart. As the 6L is Moon who is lord of the sign Cancer and heart, he was considered most compassionate and as a mother to several children, why so, since it is the 6L of Pending Karma and thus he was most compassionate, the one with a lonely heart as that was his pending karma.

Let us see few more examples She is a inductee into the National Women's Hall of Fame.

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She was the recipient of twenty honorary degrees and by July had taught, in her estimation, , students in death and dying courses in colleges, seminaries, medical schools, hospitals, and social-work institutions. Now use the Sage Bhrighu method of Pending Karma and you can see how beautifully it works in this chart.

The lady did original work on Death and Dying and became world famous, see the planet in 6H it is the planet of communication and writing Mercury who is the 8L of death, she wrote ground break work on Death and Dying. Now see the 6L it is Moon — she was a psychiatrist, they deal with the mind, this Moon is in the 5H of authorship — she wrote the groundbreaking book Death and Dying, it is with Sun the natural zodiac lord of authorship and real knowledge and life giver. She gave new life to the concept of death and dying, this 6L Moon is with Rahu and rahu is the underworld and dark things significator, death is considered a dark subject in most cultures.

Now use Sage Bhrighus 6H rule, over there sits Rahu the planet of Cinemas, the 6L is Venus a planet of entertainment in the 8H of the Underdog and the Dark Horse, who is with the 3L of acting Saturn and hands and with Mercury, the natural lord of hands and pending karma and this Mercury is also the 10L of profession and the 7L of public limelight and so it was his boxing hands movie that gave him the famous name of the Italian Stallion and his phenomenal left punch 11L of left hand — is the same 6L Venus of Pending Karma. Doctors used forceps during his birth that severed a nerve and caused paralysis in parts of Stallone's face, resulting in his signature slurred speech and drooping lower lip.

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There are two kinds of people one who cry and the other who use their disadvantage into an advantage, Stallone used his slurred speech to get into the best quotes ever on screen, remember "Yo, Adrian" - Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa — Rocky. Then you see the 6L again and you see it goes into the 8H of sex with Saturn, whenever Venus Saturn are in 8H or 12H then it can lead to sexual scandals it what has been our limited observation. Do you see how he had to finish this Karma which later re-surfaced in Jupiter is also the 9L of Father in natural zodiac and thus here in the case of Gandhi it is in the 7H of Public Life.

Thus he became the Father of the nation, showing the way to the whole nation and the world. His teachings are still followed worldwide and he inspired revolutions from Martin Luther King to the current Obama. Now this is for Indians, Jupiter as a planet is categorized as a Brahmin — caste which is a scholarly class and does not fight and loves to eat. Jupiter here is retrograde so it will show some qualities of a normal Jupiter and some of a retrograde and he showed here his quality of non-violence, scholarly works and as it is retrograde he created his system of fasting.

If he fasts for a cause the Britishers would throw him in jail, then he would fast again in jail and the Britishers would be forced to throw him out of jail. What a way he showed. It is placed with Sun which signifies Govt and is the King of the Planetary Cabinet, so he got the position of the King of.

Now who is there in the 6H it is Venus which means money, so it was during a time of economic recession he was the chosen one, now see the lordship of this Venus, it is the 10L of Govt and 5L of power, this is what has happened in his life and this is what is his Pending Karma. See the whole chart from Moon as the Asc, the 6L is Venus placed in the 2H of administration from the moon and in the 2H of speech.

He rose to power due to his speeches more so as it is in the sign of Gemini- communication and got into the most affluent administration of all Venus is affluence. This was his pending karma and you can see this is happening in the 4H of education or for those who take 2H as primary education, he is doing reforms there in the education field — again his pending karma.

You can use the natural zodiac of Aries Asc and see that his 6L is Mercury sitting in the 4H of Throne with Sun the King and he is no doubt sitting in the seat of the King. He needs no introduction, from astro point of view his time of birth is suspect. He successfully led his country through its greatest internal crisis, the American Civil War, preserving the Union and ending slavery.

This is only being spoilt by Saturn whose 4th aspect spoils this Sun Mer combination of Power. So he communicated via his movies which were big budgets. The lord of this Venus Mer conjunction is Mars wars-fighting and is conjoined Dragons Head Rahu- Movies and thus he made movies of the unknown Dragons Head- Rahu which were huge and big movies it is with Jupiter who is also expansive. This was his pending karma. If there are requests then in a separate article would take up other cases of how to use this simple looking technique but extremely complex at times and only superb mastery of astrology coupled with great intuition can help one use this technique to see the Pending Karma.

Just so that when readers try it on many charts and not find it working smoothly, the need arises to mention two points.

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Some ancient texts give a clue on singers but mostly scared and confusing. Garga Hora Chapter 12 Verse The Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn in the 11th house: will be truthful, be chief in his race, be very wise and be skillful in singing. Garga Hora Chapter 4 Verse Jupiter, Venus, Saturn in the 3rd house: interested in singing, be not sinful, be interested in women's wealth, be prosperous, will locate hidden treasures, be dear to young women, and will be firm in friendship. But still the pending karma is not so easily seen and crystal clear.

Now use Western Zodiac. The dispositor of this 2H is Saturn who is in the 3H of singing with North Node Rahu the natural planet of immortality and the groovy planet, his songs were groovy and one would go round and round about him. He had the capability of making you drunk over him and his songs without drinking at all. This was his pending Karma which he completed and which is the job of the astrologer to prescribe and unlock.

Thus you can see that in this particular chart of Elvis, it is more easier to use the Tropical Sayana zodiac to decipher his Pending Karma than the Indian Zodiac or better it is to combine both for e. So you combine both and you would safer, at the same time it is easier to predict even for us when a known celeb chart is given to us but on unknown charts that easily it is not decipherable — only experience is the best teacher.

A s a practice the Publitorial is not shared before release with even the core team members except Mentor. This time we made an exception and shared it with some friends wanting to understand their view point on some of the controversial points of the Publitorial. His response to the Publitorial is reproduced here with his permission. After reading this I would admit that I do not know the real astrology. If possible try to make it a two part.

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One part can be article on "unlocking the karma". On December 25th one person as a regular routine started to go for morning walk at around AM. As the climate was very chilly he wore sweater and covered his face except eyes with muffler to beat the cold. After walking for sometime one car came and stopped in front of him from back side and the person driving the car was shouting at him with anger. Without knowing the mistake he committed he asked the man why he was shouting. Then the man came out of the car and said why you tried to misbehave with my wife when she went for morning walk.

By this time one lady came out of the car and told her husband that this is the person who caught her from back side when she was walking. Failing to understand what was happening to him this person who went for walk tried to convince them the he is not the one who misbehaved with. But the lady and her husband were firm and sure about the person. This story did not stop here and both the parties trying to prove their point.

The lady gave a police complaint on the person she identified for his mis behavior. The other side is the person was in a very respectable post and he had a proven track record and none of his acquaintances believed that he could do such thing. Every one supported him and some of the lady colleagues went and spoke to the lady who had lodged the complaint and persuaded her to withdraw the complaint.

Though the lady accepted to his colleagues that she may be wrong but she does not want to withdraw the complaint as she was afraid of her husband as he may take her to task for wrong identification. Ultimately the person got rid of the complaint by the involvement of a very senior police officer with the help of his boss. The person was unnecessarily involved in this scandal for no fault of his.

Here the lady also cannot be blamed as she had mistaken the identity. But the mental agony the native had was enormous. I have Rahu in the 6th house. I was running Rahu - Venus dasa. Venus is Lagna lord and posited in the 11th house. If we go by BCP method I was 30 years old at that time so my 6th house has to operate in the 30th year.

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The 6th house has Rahu, if he is an astrologer he is not an astrologer from this life but from previous life13 and it is his deepest desire to be a great astrologer sign is Pisces , apart from that the 6L is Jupiter knowledge goes in the 11H of Jyotisha astrology in the sign of Leo author with Sun Mercury, seeing this we have encouraged him to become a writer and his articles have created history so far.

Now see the sexual scandal, the 6H has Rahu that is Dragons Head and that denotes scandal as such and it is in the 12th sign which signifies bed pleasures and sex so again something to do with that can happen. It was his boss Sun who called up senior police officers Sun and with help of colleagues Mercury that the problem Venus got solved.

This was his pending karma that he had to face unfortunately. Also since 11H is that of wife and children,. Also what must be added here is though the chart holder says after reading this editorial that he realized he does not know astrology, our posting the verbatim letter with his permission is not to show to the world that teachers of astrology are below us or we above them in knowledge. May our Epitaph have it.

tapan jyotish shastri astrologer Tapan jyotish shastri astrologer
tapan jyotish shastri astrologer Tapan jyotish shastri astrologer
tapan jyotish shastri astrologer Tapan jyotish shastri astrologer
tapan jyotish shastri astrologer Tapan jyotish shastri astrologer
tapan jyotish shastri astrologer Tapan jyotish shastri astrologer

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